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About Us

Five Pack Creative (FPC) is a mobile app development company based out of Frisco, TX and has been building beautiful mobile apps since 2008 when Apple gave the development world access to build apps for the App Store. Since that time, it has grown into one of the premier resources for custom mobile development projects and for sourcing mobile development talent.


Five Pack Creative works in four areas of business

Custom App Development: The FPC team helps companies (everyone from startups to Fortune 500) build their very own custom app. Services include: strategy, UX/UI design, project management, development, quality assurance, launch, and maintenance.


Advanced Mobile Staffing Services: The FPC team partners with companies to solve staffing challenges by assisting them with contract, contract to hire and direct hire placement.


Development Education: FPC launched its first iOS Bootcamp in 2016 called ALT-U, short for Alternative University, which has been a great success for individuals and enterprises. These classes, taught by FPC’s top developers, draw from the company’s vast experience to improve students’ skills so they can become highly qualified in the mobile development field. We now also offer custom enterprise training, making a syllabus designed to be just right for your team, offered in the convenience of your location – no team travel required.


Hours Time Tracking: FPC also has its own app called “Hours Time Tracking”. It has been extremely popular and a leader in the time tracking app space. It is designed to take the pain out of project-level time tracking for individuals or teams of any size.


Over the years, FPC has had the opportunity to work on hundreds of released apps and has accumulated several high profile clients in their portfolio, such as American Airlines,, One Technologies, and the United Way, to name a few.  FPC is focused on native mobile development, and its projects have included mobile apps for industries like: Medical, Travel, Education, Retail, Social Media, Gaming, Music, and many more.


The mission at Five Pack Creative is to be a Top Tier Mobile Development Company in Dallas and beyond!


Jerry Beers and Kevin Legg own Five Pack Creative. Kevin and Jerry have worked together for nearly 20 years.  The FPC Executive Team includes the following individuals:

Meet the Partners

Meet the Team

People come to Five Pack Creative because they have seen our mobile App Development work and were wowed by it.  We focus on strong UX/UI Design to ensure app users are put first.  We staff our team with some of the best mobile designer and developer talent in the US.  We stay ahead of the market on new mobile innovations from Apple, Google and others to keep our clients at the cutting edge.


We also focus on being flexible in the way we engage with our clients to ensure we take on the appropriate roles that are needed to focus on solving their problems.  Whether it is building a new custom product, helping expand a team for an important deadline, training a web team on mobile or spinning up an innovation lab, we can make it happen!


Our core values include Ownership, Integrity, Servanthood, Pushing the Envelope, Innovation, Working with the Best People, Teaching, Execution, Doing what we say we will do, Being Intentional, Starting with End State in Mind and Focusing on Win-Win situations for our Clients.