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Bring Your IoT Ambitions to Life with Solutions for Apps, Sensors, Devices and More

Our world becomes more connected by the day, and internet of things (IoT) technology helps make it possible. Five Pack Creative is here to help your Internet of Things company succeed with tailored IoT solutions custom fit to your project, product or goals.

Implement IoT features for your app or device that work as promised and deliver on a next-level experience. Coordinate your product within an advanced IoT ecosystem thanks to our networking, data, security, and cloud technology capabilities. With Five Pack Creative at your back, your app or device can blow away expectations.

  • Beacons/Proximity Solutions
  • Transportation
  • Home Automation
  • Wearables
  • Integration with Sensors and Server Applications

IoT Solutions to Improve Your App and Device Features

Whether you are developing an app with IoT functionality or a device where IoT connectivity is key, Five Pack Creative will help you ensure your project goals succeed. We can provide consulting, training, design guidance, IoT app development, troubleshooting, QA analysis and augmented engineering (staffing services) so that your highest ambitions can become a reality.

  • Build IoT Solutions From the Ground Up

    Design a killer app for any target user base. Whether targeting enterprise clients or a casual app user, Five Pack Creative uses its decades of coding and development experience to make your solution functional, stable, reliable and worthy of your brand’s reputation.

  • IoT Integration to Make Your Solution Part of the Community

    Integrate your IoT solution with other industry-leading applications, platforms and systems, even across devices. Deliver on your promise to users with seamless functionality and intuitive UI that allows them to accomplish their task with minimal effort. Five Pack Creative specializes in networking solutions and highly capable APIs so that your IoT solution can interact with sensors, devices and apps without a hitch.

  • IoT Technology Training, Consulting and Augmented Engineering

    Get the exact best-fit solutions your project needs to succeed. We can provide IoT training, consultations, design input, QA analysis, troubleshooting and more. We can also enhance your staff’s capabilities through augmented engineering. Complete project tasks on-time and clear even the biggest development hurdles with a team of proven experts at your back.

Combine IoT Technology With Other Advanced Features

Five Pack Creative has the experience and expertise to expand your deliverables capability and implement cutting-edge features that have everyone in the industry talking. We can combine your IoT solutions or product with:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Machine Learning

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