A wireframe is an important step in developing an app and gives a visual layout of every screen. It acts as a skeleton on which you will layer content, design, and function.

A wireframe doesn’t spend time worrying about the color scheme, or what the text will say, or what the images will be. It simply designates the space for what will come later and allows you to see all the functions and features of the app in one view.

A wireframe is like the table of contents in a book or a blueprint of a house. Without properly preparing a wireframe, you risk having to go back and make major changes to the app in other stages of the project. Projects run faster, smoother, and with less expense using a wireframe.

Wireframe is often confused with mockup, because both are visual layouts of the app. The wireframe comes first and determines how the pages will come together and the mockup adds layers of design such as colors, fonts, and images.

A mobile app development company can provide more information about creating wireframes.

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