Virtual Reality

Virtual reality

is a term to describe a computer or software program that creates an artificial environment and tricks the user’s senses into believing it is a real environment.

When most people think of virtual reality, they picture some of the newer technologies available on the market for consumers, such as a virtual reality headset that wraps the wearer’s vision in an immersive picture. When it comes down to it, any video game where players move around a virtual world could be considered virtual reality.

More sophisticated technology pushes past the senses of sight and hearing into the sensation of touch. Haptic devices allow users to “feel” their virtual environment and to move around it in a more natural way.

Virtual reality gets a lot of attention in video games, but it has far-reaching applications for training as well. Difficult or dangerous careers, such as in the medical or construction fields, could develop virtual reality training to expose employees to the dangers and risks of the work without actually exposing them to harm.

To learn more about incorporating virtual reality into your software, speak with a mobile app developer.

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