UX stands for User Experience. When it comes to apps, even the most clever concepts will fail if they provide a terrible experience for the people who use them. Likewise, a silly app with an amazing user experience can do well.

Simply put, the user experience of the app is how the user feels about their overall interaction with an application. A visually-appealing app that’s simple to use and does the job it’s intended to do will leave users with a positive overall experience. An app that doesn’t look good, doesn’t work right, or doesn’t do what users expect it to do will leave users frustrated with a bad user experience.

UX can be a tricky metric to nail because there are so many different variables of an app that can leave a user frustrated. User testing is a powerful process to get feedback on UX, but developers get a better result when they begin thinking about UX early in the design process.

A mobile app development company can provide more information about UX.

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