The user interface, or UI, of an app refers to the actual screens with which the user interacts. The buttons a user will press, the images that show up on screen, and any other features that some can interact with is all part of the user interface. For example, a common feature of smartphones is that users can pinch their fingers together on the screen and the image being viewed will zoom out.

User interfaces have changed dramatically from the barely recognizable first iterations to the complex and intuitive interfaces we have today. When designing an app, it’s important to design a UI that is easy and enjoyable to use.

UI is one of the major pieces of the user experience puzzle and a well-planned design from the start increases the chance that users will have a positive experience within the app. For example, an app with a confusing user interface that doesn’t always work properly or as expected will leave users frustrated.

A mobile app development company can provide more information about UI.

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