Software Development Kit (SDK)

A software development kit is a suite of tools designed to enable developers to create new applications on software that already exists. For example, if a development team wanted to create a new app available on iOS, they would need the iOS software development kit in order for the app to work on iOS devices.

A software development kit can also add functionality to apps, for example by integrating different kinds of software together to create an app with features of each part. Software development kits can also be APIs, or application programming interfaces, that allow a new app to communicate with an existing app, such as allowing an app to post to Facebook on the user’s behalf.

Software developers offer SDKs in order to encourage other developers to use their product, which is part of the way that technology grows and evolves. Sometimes developers offer SKDs in order to spread the word about their software or to position themselves as a more important player in their given market.

A professional mobile app development company may be able to provide more information about SDKs and other tools.

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