Scrum is a framework for organizing projects with a team. It’s a system of approaching tasks to ensure that all members on the team are on the same page and overcoming challenges effectively.

Scrum is also efficient because team members repeat the same work processes over and over again, perfecting as they go. The Scrum framework starts with scrum planning, where a team gets together and decides the next actionable increment of work that can be completed within the next month. During the planning stage, the team decides what they will accomplish and how exactly they will get there.

Next comes the “scrum” phase, or the phase where the work is accomplished. There are daily scrum meetings at the same time and place to make sure everyone on the team has the tools they need to do the work. After the scrum is complete, the team goes through scrum analysis to assess how well the scrum went. Then, they go back to the scrum planning stage.

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