Push notification

A push notification is a message that appears on a smartphone or other mobile devices similar to a text message. They only appear on devices that have the associated app downloaded, although users can choose to disable push messages.

These messages can be useful to provide app users with the most up-to-date information, encourage users to revisit an app, or to check out associated content such as a website or social media page for the app.

Push notifications are a better way for publishers to communicate with users because they have a higher read rate than other methods, like emails that are easier to ignore or miss completely. The app doesn’t have to be open for a user to get a push message, which makes it a great way to get users to return to the app. Push messages can help notify users of time-sensitive information, such as sales, weather, or traffic information.

A professional mobile app development company may be able to help you integrate push notifications into your own app.

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