Push Notification

A push notification is a message send to the uses of an app through their smartphone. Push notifications appear like an SMS message on the screen and allow developers to communicate with the people who have downloaded the app.

The most convenient aspect of a push notification is that the user does not need to be using the app at the time. Developers can use them to direct people back into the app, such as by announcing a big sale or reminding them to use the app. By sending the message directly to the user’s phone, push notifications don’t end up in spam email folders and are opened at a much higher rate than other forms of communication.

Push notifications can also be tracked, allowing developers to analysis their effectiveness to inform the marketing strategy. iOS and Android users are able to opt out of push notifications, so it’s important to use the tool in a way that convinces people to opt in.

A mobile app development company can provide more information about implementing push notifications.

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