Provisioning profiles

Provisioning profiles allow users to beta test an app that is being designed for iOS. Apple allows developers to distribute a set number of versions of their application to users before it’s available in the App store. Those users can beta test the app and give feedback about their experience, helping developers create better and more stable products.

The profile includes information to identify the app its associated with and the individual user. A provisioning profile is only necessary to keep on a phone while the app is being tested. After the app leaves beta testing and is available to everyone, the provisioning profile no longer serves a purpose.

However, deleting the provisioning profile might require the user to redownload the app now that it’s out of development. Another reason that a developer might release their app with provisioning profiles is if they plan on distributing the app for free as a marketing strategy.

A professional mobile app development company may be able to provide more information regarding provisioning profiles and other testing tools.

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