Mobile App Design

Mobile apps

are software applications that can be accessed on a smartphone, tablet, or other form of mobile device. Mobile app design is different than designing an app based for a desktop computer for many reasons, not the least of which include the difference in screen size and how users interact with the material (touchscreen versus mouse, for example).

In some ways, mobile app designers have the advantage due to the wide range of tools available on iOS and Android platforms and because mobile apps are accessible to a wider range of audiences.

On the other hand, there are aspects of design for a mobile devices that would not apply to a software application, such as thinking about how far a person can comfortably reach their thumb and whether or not the application can be operated while physically holding the phone as well. Mobile apps have evolved into a form of software as a service, some charging directly for the application or monetizing through ad sales.

An experienced mobile app designer can provide more information and assistance regarding this process.

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