Machine Learning

Machine learning

is a term that refers to using artificial intelligence in a way that allows a computer to learn new things on its own. Machine learning can give us better analysis of data because a computer is able to handle a lot more information at the same time than our brains.


There are four main classifications of machine learning, and they deal with the level of guidance given by programmers. For example, a learning algorithm given a set of labelled data and asked to make a specific prediction is called supervised machine learning. Unsupervised machine learning allows the algorithm to explore the data and come to it’s own conclusions without much interference by programmers. This can be a useful method to look for insights that are not automatically obvious, or patterns that the researchers may not have been looking for previously.


Although most people think of machine learning as a tool for managing statistics, the technology into everyday lives with tools such as the voice recognition software on smartphones.


To learn more about machine learning and how it can be incorporated into your software, speak with a mobile app developer.

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