Machine Learning Examples

Machine learning

is a theme from a dystopian novel where robots take over the world. The truth is that we have been living with and comfortable using machine learning for many years.

One of the best examples of machine learning is your Google search bar. Google’s search engine takes your keyword, determines which pages on the internet are most relevant to your search and, in time, which options are most relevant to you as a unique Google user. It is able to do this through the algorithms used to create the search engine.

Artificial intelligence can also be used to make predictions, such as an election outcome machine. Programmers could give the computer all of the historical data on how the country voted and the computer could make a prediction as to who would be elected in the coming race.

Machine learning can also be used to see connections that weren’t obvious before by allowing the computer to make it’s own conclusions about a given set of data.

To learn more about taking advantage of machine learning technology, speak with an experienced app developer.

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