IoT Devices

(IoT) Devices

are objects that have the ability to store or transmit data over a network connection. When we think about connected devices, we picture a computer, smartphone, or tablet. But Internet of Things brings connectivity to basically anything, such as a toaster, coffee maker, vehicle, boxes in a warehouse, or a thermostat.

There are many applications for IoT devices in all industries, such as tracking inventory and logistics, but many consumers are most excited about the way that IoT technology brings a new level of personalization and makes life even easier.

For example, an IoT connected coffee maker might help you reduce coffee waste by tracking how much coffee you drink and how much goes to waste in a given pot, then giving you a recommendation about how many ounces you need to brew. An IoT connected thermostat would allow you to turn down the heat in your home on your smartphone from your desk at work.

An experienced mobile app developer can provide more information about the application of IoT devices.

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