Internet of Things

Internet of Things

, or IoT, refers to items that are not traditionally thought of as connected devices, such as cars or home appliances, which have technology to store and share data over an internet connection.

A home thermostat that can be adjusted via smartphone while the homeowner is at work is an example of how Internet of Things changes the way we interact with everyday objects. A juicer that can tell you when your juice expires in another example.

Although much of the attention of internet of things has been focused on the ways consumer products are changing, the new tech is also influencing industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, energy management, environmental practices, healthcare, and more.

The internet of things has been hailed as a huge trend for several years now, but the technology has been a part of life since 2000. One of the first examples of IoT is the widespread use of RFID tags to track logistics, routing, and inventory of items.

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