Intelligent Apps

Intelligent apps

are software applications that have an element of machine learning or artificial intelligence programmed into them. This can be as simple as an algorithm that can identify what objects are located in a picture, or it can be a much more complicated algorithm designed for a specific industry.

The race to offer the best intelligent app tools has pushed Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft to release suite of tools for developers to use cross platform. Although artificial intelligence seems like something out of a sci-fi novel, the truth is that we are already living comfortably with intelligent apps and using them often.

The voice recognition software in your mobile phone’s assistant is an example of an intelligent app, as is the algorithm that delivers ads to your Facebook feed that you might be interested in. With deep learning, or the layering of neural networks designed to copy the way the brain works, there’s a wide world of exploration to be done in the field of intelligent apps.

An experienced app developer can help you incorporate machine learning into your software to create an intelligent app.

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