HTML5 is the newest standard of HTML (hypertext markup language), which is a markup language that is widely used in software and supports the use of other languages, like CSS and JavaScript. HTML5 is one of the most basic languages for a programmer to learn and provides the structure of the page and describes the content.

For example, on a mobile web page, HTML5 tells the computer about each section of the webpage like the header, body, and footer. HTML5 is the upgrade to previous versions because it offers new tools for developers to use like new APIs, tools for storing data, and more styling options. HTML5 by itself can form the most basic apps and webpages.

A beginner learning to program for the first time will often start with a simple project of a website or app with a screen that says, “Hello World!” This project can be completed using only HTML5.

A professional mobile app development company may be able to provide more information regarding HTML5 and other coding languages.

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