Encryption-decryption is a. important series of actions use to protect privacy concerns while transferring data. When a message or file is sent over an encrypted network, the text is “scrambled’ in such a way it appears meaningless if someone other than the intended recipient were to access it.

The recipient is able to decrypt, or “unscramble” the message. This technology is used in all kinds of applications. For every way that you send data to another computer, you are using encryption-decryption technology. The basic way that your computer decrypts data is by using a secure key provided with the data. The longer the key, the harder it is to break into the encrypted data.

Algorithms used to encrypt data are always changing as a result of increasing security threats. Although encryption-decryption is an important tool for secure data, it’s only one part of a many-layered process to protect data from being infiltrated.

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