Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)

Cyber-Physical systems (CPS) are systems that rely both on algorithms and feedback from their physical environment. Something as a simple as a computer mouse can sense physical changes and relay that information to the computer, but a CPS takes it one step further and applies algorithms and artificial intelligence to the data received from the physical world.

CPS is used in medical applications, such as monitoring a cardiac patient in the hospital or an insulin pump that continuously reads the blood glucose levels of the diabetic. If the system gets a reading that indicates the patient needs a dose of medication, the system could automatically administer it based on the algorithms it’s presented with.

CPS is also used in aerospace technology, transportation, deep-sea exploration, national defense, and more. A team at MIT used CPS to create a garden of tomato plants grown and tended by robots who can analyze what the plants need and provide it to them.

In some cases, CPS technology can be connected to mobile apps. A professional mobile app development company can provide more information about this opportunity.

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