Core Machine Learning (Core ML)

Core Machine Learning (ML)

is a foundational framework for integrating machine learning capabilities into apps and other products available in the Apple store. This enables app developers to use machine learning capabilities easily without having to export the data out of the app first.

Core ML enhances the security, function, and user experience of the app and allows developers who wouldn’t have access to machine learning capabilities otherwise to release powerful updates. With Core ML, you can build an app that “sees” or “hears” content and relates it back to the facts it already knows to draw conclusions.

In addition to the framework, Apple offers models for specific machine learning features that make it very simple for developers to drop advanced algorithms into their apps, such as MobileNet, which is able to determine which object in an image is the dominant image. Core ML has the ability for deep learning with more than 30 layers.

An experienced app developer can provide more information about using Core ML or other machine learning in your software

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