Beta Testing

Beta testing is a stage where software is tested out by the audience that it’s actually intended for. In the first stages of testing are done by the developers of the software to make sure the different components work correctly. Beta testing does have a tendency to root out additional bugs, but the main focus is to gain feedback about what users like and what users would change about the software.

A beta test should involve users who have experience with similar software or who would be ideal candidates for using the software. For example, software designed that will eventually be marketed to an accounting firm should be beta tested by accountant who can compare their experience with other software they’ve used in the past and test whether or not the software successfully solves the problems it claims to.

Beta testing can also be used a way to market the software before its actual release by spreading the word to the people who may be interested in it. A professional app development company can help expedite your app testing process.

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