Augmented Reality Kit (ARKit)

An augmented reality kit (ARKit) is similar to a software development kit, but is used to integrate augmented reality into a new app. In the last couple of years, many software giants like Apple and Google have released augmented reality kits that allow developers on their mainframes to add this new technology into releases.

Augmented reality allows an app to interact with the real world surroundings of a user, for example by projecting virtual images onto the images captured by a smartphone camera.

The flood of ARKits available to the market has demonstrated how quickly major tech companies move to position themselves as the leader in cutting edge technology, and it’s been a vital part of convincing developers to use these kits in their projects. Releasing an augmented reality kit is developing a tool to do specific things and then allowing all of the developers in the world to build, expand, and integrate this technology into new projects.

A professional mobile app development company may be able to provide more information about ARKits and other tools available to use on your app.

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