Augmented Engineering

Augmented Engineering

,When a company needs to assemble a team of professionals to develop an app, there are several different roles that need to be filled. Sometimes, it’s a struggle to find the right people to get the tasks complete. Augmented engineering refers to bringing in a talented, pre-assembled team to support your project and to fill the skill gaps blocking the progress you want to make.

Augmented engineering is different than hiring an app development company because instead of bringing in their own processes and ways of working, they adapt and integrate into the processes you already have in place. Augmented engineering is a way to develop an app as if you had all the skill in-house already, versus hiring out the project to a third party.

By choosing augmented engineering, you have more control over the project and utilize the talent you’ve already got on board. Augmented engineering is also an effective way to manage an app after it’s been developed so that your team can move on to the next project in the pipeline.

Learn more about how your business could benefit from augmented engineering by speaking with an experienced mobile app developer.


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