Application Specific Sensor Nodes (ASSN)

Application Specific Sensor Nodes are sensors that can gather and process data before sending the information to the application associated with it. Although similar iterations of the technology have existed for about 20 years, today’s wireless sensors are smaller, use less power, and can send farther signals that ever before.

ASSNs are behind the rise of the Internet of Things because they add “smart” technology to appliances and other devices. For example, an ASSN inside a thermostat can sense and store information about how the thermostat is running. The sensor can communicate the information with an app on a smartphone or computer and receive information back from the app. This technology allows a user to open the app, view data about the thermostat, and change the settings through the app. The sensors receive the data and make changes to the device accordingly. Many devices use multiple sensors, sometimes with different functions for each.

A professional mobile app development company may be able to provide assistance if you want to implement ASSN functionality into your app.

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