Application Programming Interface (API)

An application programming interface, commonly shortened to API, is a bit of software that allows to programs to talk to each other. APIs are relied on more and more by consumers as we want our programs to communicate with as little work on our end as possible.

For example, when a person is reading a news article on a feed reader and decides to share it to Facebook, they are using an API that allows the feed reader and Facebook to talk to one another about what the user wants to do. Without the API, a user would have to exit the app and manually enter the link into Facebook.

That’s a simple example, but there are actually many APIs happening in that scenario. An API allows the feed reader to access the blog article, for example. APIs make software more accessible by allowing other programs to communicate with it, which is important for the ever-increasing connectivity customers require.

A professional mobile app development company can help ensure your API and other architectural elements are intact and functional.

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