App Development

App development

is a term referring to the creation and maintenance of applications on mobile devices, both Android and iPhone. The biggest hurdle to app development is writing the computer code required to support the functions and features you’re looking for. However, application development includes many more roles than that.

After apps are released for download, the source code will need to be maintained as well. This is still called app development even after the app has been released. App developers might be work the back-end of the app, or create the code required to run the app, or they might work on the front-end, the design, text, images, and visual side of the app.

Additionally, the app needs planned, tested, and analyzed. App development is a growing career field, but the tools available online to release apps allow individuals to become entrepreneurs as well by creating, releasing, and monetizing their games and applications.

An experienced app developer can provide more information about creating and maintaining this type of software.

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