A/B Testing

A/B Testing

is a term that refers to putting up two versions of a website and measuring the analytics for each to see which has a better conversion rate or other goal. A/B Testing can be a way to try out new things or to make thoughtful changes that help you achieve your goals easier, instead of making guesses and hoping for the best.


A/B Testing is sometimes called split testing. When using this kind of testing to determine the best version of your software, it is important to A/B test one specific change at a time. Sometimes, a very small change can have a very big impact on how users interact on your website or through social media. By only testing one change at a time, you can keep all the features that people seem to respond well to and get rid of the features and ideas that aren’t making conversions.


An experienced mobile app developer can assist with A/B testing and analyze the results of such a test.

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