Augmented Reality App Development

Augmented Reality Apps and AR-Powered Features Using Apple’s ARKit, Google’s ARCore
and Built with Award-Winning Talent

Make Your Augmented Reality Ambitions an Actual Reality

Augmented reality apps and product features have taken the world by storm. After augmented reality mobile games and apps became newsworthy for their runaway success, the industry has begun to look forward to an era where AR mobile app features enhance user experience in profound ways.

Five Pack Creative can assist your mobile app development by helping you implement mobile app and software application features that take full advantage of augmented reality capabilities. Combine photo lenses, GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope motion controls with contextualized data to create immersive experiences. With AR empowering your mobile app, you can capture imaginations and help make the world a more interesting place to live in.

Augmented Reality Technology for Every Platform

Bring augmented reality features to any application with the help of Five Pack Creative’s expertise and experience. We can implement augmented reality to Android,and iOS so your users can enjoy advanced features without compromise.

  • Augmented Engineering for AR Feature Delivery

    Add to the skills and capability of your software team with experts who have their finger on the pulse of the latest technology. We can provide consulting, design direction, input on UI/UX and other feedback to guide your app development or get your
    AR app started from a strong foundation.

  • Add AR to Your App Without Reinventing the Wheel

    Looking for a team to make AR work for your app? Five Pack Creative can implement augmented reality app features to stand alongside your existing app without compromising its integrity or carefully crafted UX.

  • Augmented Reality Feature Testing and QA Analysis

    Ensure your augmented reality technology can deliver on promises to users with automated testing and quality assurance (QA) from Five Pack. We can rigorously test your solution and provide targeted recommendations to resolve issues and strengthen the stability and usability of your app.

Combine Augmented Reality With Other Cutting Edge Technologies

Showcase AR alongside other advanced app features, including:

  • Machine Learning
  • Virtual Reality
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

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