Augmented Engineering (Staff Augmentation)

Trouble Finding the Time or Talent to Get Your App Made?
Augment Your Staff to Assemble the Perfect Team

Five Pack Creative is here to boost the skills and productivity of your team with top-tier augmented engineering services. We are prepared to embed our team members in your processes and workflows to get apps built, updates released and bugs fixed under your management, within your planned timeline.

Collectively, our team has over 300 years of experience in applications development, including skillsets encompassing coding, design, UI, UX, app redesign, bug fixing, and implementation of new features. Our team has experience on hundreds of project types, ranging from enterprise apps to consumer apps to integration with common enterprise systems and SDKs. App formats we’ve worked on include: social, transportation, healthcare, ecommerce, business tools, web-based backend applications and more.

We also maintain competency in all the latest app trends, including machine learning, cloud-based functionality, internet of things (IoT) device compatibility, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR).

Anything you need, we’re there to work under your guidance to help make your team perform better and deliver results!

Upskill Your Team and Meet Project Goals With Services That Include:

  • iOS and Android Development and Consulting
  • Usability and Design Research Services
  • Team Training
  • UI and UX Design
  • Intellectual Property Consulting
  • App Porting to New Platforms
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Scrum and Agile Assistance
  • Automated Testing Services
  • Innovation Lab Development
  • Flexible Staffing to Meet Your Exact Needs

    Our team can lend you the exact talent and services you need on your team to accomplish your project goals. We offer flexible staff augmentation to deliver the exact tasks, services and expertise your project needs to succeed from within our own team and our network of industry partners. Whether you need someone for a few weeks, a specific team goal or end-to-end project participation, we can provide best-fit services to accommodate your goals, expectations and budget.

  • Augmented Engineering to Advance Your Team’s Skillset

    Does your current team have a blindspot for your app or just lacks the staff needed to meet project goals? Five Pack Creative’s augmented engineering services encompass nearly every competency in the mobile industry. Implement advanced features, discover better user task flows or fix deprecated functionality that has been plaguing your app. We specialize in solutions that provide the best functionality built from the ground up, making your app more reliable and more powerful than ever.

  • We Have the Skills to Lead and the Humility to Follow

    Our team can provide augmented engineering services in whichever role you need us for. Looking for a true visionary leader to help guide app development and push best practices? We can supply it. Looking for another coder to work alongside your team and finish the next build on-time for delivery? Want QA and testing to ensure each feature works as promised? We’re willing to perform any task. Assign our team members exactly where you need us for exactly what you need, and get stellar results every time without having to look over our shoulders.

  • Staff Augmentation to Swoop in for the Rescue

    Terrified you won’t meet your deadlines? Got an app feature that just won’t work or a bug that can’t be fixed? Let Five Pack Creative be your heroes with staff augmentation services for mobile app design, development, testing and more. We are available for emergency situations to help your team overcome the odds and fulfill their promises to stakeholders so that no one has to break a sweat.

  • An Entire Project Team at Your Beck and Call

    Our staff augmentation capabilities enhance your organization’s potential so that you can meet project challenges head-on. Onboard an entire team of skilled project managers, designers, developers and testers. We can help you accomplish your goals without you having to rethink HR or staffing from the ground up.

  • Consulting and Expert Input

    Need an extra set of eyes on a project? We have decades of collective experience and deep knowledge of app development best practices to help make your product better than ever. Get consulting input on UI, UX, underlying app frameworks, network functionality and implementation of advanced features like VR, AR, IoT and machine learning.

Meet Some of Our Happy Customers

  • The #1 dating website asked us to help overhaul their iPhone app design to fit perfectly on iPad. Our UI and UX was so well received that we helped rework their iPhone design afterwards.

  • When American Airlines wanted to rewrite their iPad app, Five Pack Creative worked with their team to make it happen. We also brought app versions to Apple Watch and continually help them optimize their UI and design, working together to help keep American Airlines a leader in technology. We are excited to be part of such an amazing team, and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

  • The Hours Time Tracking app is designed to take the pain out of time tracking. Soon after its release, Hours became the '#1 grossing business app’ in the app store and was also a featured app by Apple. Hours continues to receive great press and, more importantly, excellent user reviews. FPC is proud to have been involved with this project since the beginning — so much so that we recently acquired it!

  • Vemory was an app that collected users' photos from across different social media networks and created video memories complete with music and beautiful themes. Our team helped develop Vemory’s innovative vision and slick design. Vemory later acquired and became Splice which was later acquired by GoPro. Check out the Full Story Here.

Accountability You Can Count On

We Promise to Work On Your Schedule and Within Your Budget to Provide 100% of Your Deliverables... No Excuses Needed!

Our team has over 300 years of combined experience in the app industry and hundreds of collective enterprise clients under our belt.
We work within your expectations to provide you with the deliverables you need; on time, within your budget and as-described. Our team works under your supervision and according your expectations to give you exactly what you expect.

Our promise is that you will be satisfied and always in-the-loop with flexible, transparent, accountable processes.

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