Alt-U Prep

Come to class with the following items

Mobile Development Training

1. A Mac Laptop

MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, whatever your flavor, you’re going to need to bring it with you. Oh, and don’t forget your chargers, adapters, etc.

2. Xcode

Xcode is Apple’s very own coding environment and it’s what we will be using to create our in-class applications. Please come to class with the Xcode 8 beta on your computer; otherwise, your classmates will stare at you awkwardly while you wait for the software to install.

3. A Mobile Device

Don’t forget to bring your iPhone – as if  you need to be reminded. Please note: Your phone should be running the most up-to-date version of iOS and it should not be jailbroken. Again, don’t forget that charger.

4. An iPad

An iPad is recommended but not required. Who are we kidding? You know you want to bring one.

Apple Watch

5. Apple Watch

If you’re taking an iOS Journeyman or iOS Master class, you’ll need to bring your Apple Watch for reasons which include counting down the hours until you’re able to build an app for your Apple Watch.